Undergraduate Studies


Currently the following course are offered at the undergraduate level. Students majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies under the Faculty of Social Science will have to earn a total of 128 Credits to successfully complete the program.

Graduate Studies


The PACS one year masters program provides an excellent opportunity to acquire advanced academic and professional knowledge on peace and conflict issues. The applied courses of the program help students muster practical skills …

New Students


Congratulations on achieving a place here! Your journey inspires us and we hope together we can make change happen. The page is to help you adapt to the academic life and facilitate your enrolment in the program. Our dedicated staffs are here to help you.

Student Advising

student advi

Your freshman year in the University is full of excitements and opportunities, but new experience brings in new challenges. Your peers have different cultural background and different preference for doing things. You might sometimes get confused about how to fit

News and Announcement

I take this privilege to welcome our new students who will soon start their freshman year (2018-2019) in Peace and Conflict Studies program in January. I congratulate you for you got a place here in Dhaka University –the premier university in Bangladesh!.I appreciate your enthusiasm for studying this program and I hope you will find it very exciting. We believe in our foundational vision ‘PEACE IS POSSIBLE’ and your participation will make a leap forward to the fulfillment of this vision. Read More..