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Congratulations, New students!

I take this privilege to welcome our new students who will soon start their freshman year (2018-2019) in Peace and Conflict Studies program in January. I congratulate you for you got a place here in Dhaka University –the premier university in Bangladesh!

I appreciate your enthusiasm for studying this program and I hope you will find it very exciting. We believe in our foundational vision ‘PEACE IS POSSIBLE’ and your participation will make a step forward to the fulfillment of this vision.

Come to learn about peace and get hands-on academic training on how to handle conflicts in a positive way and together let us make change happen! For the last 18 years, we remain as a center of excellence in peace education in Bangladesh.

Our strong faculty members are competent and will bring in global knowledge in your class. Most of our PACS graduates are now pursuing prospective careers in public services –foreign affairs, administration, police, income tax – INGOs, public banks, international organizations, journalism and education. I hope you will also join these folks in future. We do not just provide a certificate; we transfer knowledge about how to grow within.

I wish you grand success in life!

Md. Touhidul Islam
Department of Peace and Conflict Studies,
University of Dhaka

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