PACS 312: Environmental Conflict

This course is conceived in the department with an aims to introduce students to the current global environmental changes and its impacts on conflict formation and peacebuilding. Students rethink environmental issues as a source of civil unrest and conflict. They learn about the environmental issues and challenges in Bangladesh and South Asia.
This course covers current global environmental changes i.e. global atmospheric changes; population growth, urbanization; pollution and its impacts in Bangladesh and global perspective; major terminological development and clarification of environmental security, human security and environmental conflict; environmental conflict, its different schools; the natural resource scarcity like water, natural gas, land and forest and conflict; water sharing and regional conflict; Indo-BD water conflict; climate change, security and conflict issue; climate change induced human displacement; climate change as a conflict driver in Bangladesh and global perspective; environmental peacebuilding: major approaches, environmental cooperation and peace; natural resources and environment in peacebuilding; future challenges.

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