PACS 525: Thesis/ Internship


The course aims at developing students’ research skills in the field of Peace and Conflict studies. The interested and eligible students must submit a research proposal on any topics of their interests to the Chairman of the Department in the beginning of the second semester of MSS program. The research topics must be relevant to the core issues of Department of Peace and Conflict Studies and be approved by the departmental Academic Committee. It is a full credit course to be evaluated in a scale of 75 marks for the thesis and 25 marks for thesis defence/ viva-voce.


This course emphasizes on job training. It is essentially designed to integrate practice with the theoretical knowledge. Students are expected to learn how to acquire relevant skills and apply academic knowledge necessary for professional practice.
The would-be intern must work under a supervised program and must hold a temporary professional position. It requires a minimum time of 360 hours professional work spread over 60 working days including the final report writing. The tasks may involve but not limited to problem-solving activities with the recipient specified to be a Governmental Organizations, Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGO), International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) or Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) recognized by the government. As a full credit course, the whole period of the internship will be evaluated by Internship Report (75 marks) and Oral Defense/Viva voce (25 marks).

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