PACS 411: Protracted Conflict

The course has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding about a distinct pattern of conflict called ‘protracted conflict’. However, it has three broad units. In first unit, students learn theories, approaches, models which provide them a theoretical base of protracted conflict and its multiple defining issues or ideas. The second unit deals with several methods and approaches of protracted conflict management or resolution. The third unit shed light on protracted conflict cases across regions. Through these case studies, students acquire practical skills about how to systematically employ and analyze theoretical implications in those conflict cases. The course primarily introduces the defining issues, major characteristics and consequences of protracted conflict often termed as ‘deep-rooted’ ‘intractable’ ‘prolonged’ ‘resolution-resistant’ conflict to the students. Students learn how to address protracted conflict at both interpersonal level and international level. It equips them with necessary analytical tools in handling protracted conflict so that they can take leading roles in taming those conflicts.

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