PACS 412: Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR – as an alternative to the litigation process – has become increasingly popular in the recent decades. Excessive over-burden of the courts and a large number of pending cases, ultimately result in the dissatisfaction among the people about the judicial system and its ability to dispense justice. Through this course, students learn about the alternative processes – community mediation and shalish. The acquire knowledge about how these processes and system can better ensure people’s easy access to justice.
The course covers the study of ADR: basic idea; ADR development and history with reference to Bangladesh, key features of ADR; characteristics of ADR, functions of ADR; limitation of ADR; ADR in Bangladesh: history; informal ADR; ADR in formal legal system (family court ordinance; Orthorinadalot); function of Ain O saliskendro; Madaripur legal aid; ADR and women community in Bangladesh; ADR skills: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, reconciliation.

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