Dr.Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury


Dr.Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury
Associate Professor
PhD in Political Science,
University of Iowa, USA 2013
MPA, Arizona State University
USA 2004

I am an Associate Professor (from June 2015) and the Chairman (from 2014) of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I joined the department in 2007 as an Assistant Professor. I then went on a study leave from DU to the University of Iowa to study for a PhD in Political Science degree. I received my PhD in May 2013.

My PhD dissertation – “Politics of Natural Disasters: How Governments Maintain Legitimacy in the Wake of Major Disasters, 1990 – 2010” – employs a multi-method approach to study the direct effects of natural disasters on measures of government and system legitimacy crisis. It presents a content analysis based original dataset of governmental responses to major natural disasters in South Asian countries. Professors Vicki Hesli and Sara Mitchell were co-chairs of my dissertation committee.
My areas of specialization are comparative politics and political methodology. Substantively, I like to study various forms of political crises (including ethnic conflicts) and regime legitimacy, especially in the Asian countries. Methodologically, I study regression modeling of count and time-to-event data, and multi-level analysis. Currently I have developed keen interest in sampling and survey designs.




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