Message from the Founder


I am very pleased to know that a new website is being launched for the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies. I appreciate the enthusiasm. It would help disseminate peace education across a broad community of people and would ease out the academic activities. I hope this website would be a learning platform for the students as well as other stakeholders who want to learn about the program.

I feel very proud of my long association with the Department being the founder professor of this program and I am very grateful to Dhaka University for trusting me with this privilege. I am happy to see the positive advancement of this program and congratulate my colleagues and students for their commitment and hardwork.

Establishing peace in society is a difficult job but not an impossible dream. The need is to pass on this dream and carry on the vision. I wish this program will play a significant role to promote peace education in Bangladesh.

I thank my colleagues for their tireless efforts to implement the website project. My good wishes are always with my students and colleagues. I wish them grand success in future!


Dr Dalem Ch. Barman
Professor (Retd.)
Department of Peace and Conflict Studies
University of Dhaka