Student Advising

Your freshman year in the University is full of excitement and opportunities, but new experiences bring in new challenges. Your peers have different cultural background and different preferences for doing things. You might sometimes get confused about how to fit in those new realities around you in the campus; feel uncomfortable in dealing with those new values and diverse perspectives. You do not know how to get to know each other. For some of you it might be your first experience in living outside your comfort zone and you might be missing your immediate family support. You do not know how to handle the class load and adapt to the university academic life.

Well, do not worry! Your student advisers are here to help you. They make sure you survive both the academic and environment shocks. They offer you guidance and counsel to help you grow in the new campus. They might fill up the support gap you need. Just keep in touch with them if you need any of such assistance. Come by appointment and discuss your uncomfortable affairs. They will help you get involved in the social aspects of the university life and build up yourself.

How to make appoint?

Keep in mind that your advisers have other jobs to be done and often there are many students in queue to discuss their issues. For efficient use of time, write an email to your graduate advisers and book a slot for you. Mention your problem title briefly in the subject line of the email. See below student advising office hours and email addresses:

Mohammad Shaheenur Alam:
Office Hours: (11:00AM -1:00PM, Monday, Wednesday)

Fahima Durrat :
Office Hours: (11:00AM -1:00PM, Sunday, Tuesday)

What kind of issues I can discuss?

Your advisers are like your family and friends back home. You can discuss any feeling of disorientation – academic, private and hall life. But some problems need professional counseling. DU has psychological centers situated at TSC where trained personnel might offer therapy.