Saber Ahmed Chowdhury


Saber Ahmed Chowdhury

Assistant Professor
M. Phil (University of Bergen, Norway)
PhD Candidate ( La Trobe University, Australia)



Saber Ahmed Chowdhury joined the department in 2008 as an Assistant Professor, after extensive teaching at the Department of Public Administration, University of Rajshahi. His doctoral thesis, appeared in 2016, titled “promoting Effectiveness of Democracy Protection Institutions: A Study on the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh”. His thesis examines the various ways in which international norms find purchase at the domestic level in the particular context of Bangladesh. It also assess the initial operations of the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh (NHRC) and identifies measures in relation to those operations. Dr. Roland Burke (Latrobe University, Australia) and Dr. Ian Coller (University of California, USA) were the supervisors of this dissertation.

Saber was the recipient of NORAD Fellowship, LTUFRS and LTUPRS. He has authored a book and a number of articles in international and national journals. His current research interests- Human Rights, Election, Public Policy, Governance and Bureaucracy.



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