Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). If your questions are not addressed, write us an email at
pacsdu@outlook.comDue to large number of queries (during exam registration and class enrollment time), you might have to wait a day or two to hear from us. We appreciate your patience.

1. What is the application deadline?

We have no separate admission process. The application to this department is administered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Dhaka. Please consult DU admission website for details on admission related issues.

2. Where to send my academic credentials?

You do not need to send your academic credentials to us unless you are suggested for admission to this department by the Faculty of Social Sciences. We only ask for those things once you come to us and want to complete the admission process in the department.

3. I got admission to the department, what next?

Congrats! You are welcome to the department! Our department staffs are here to help you. To complete First Year First Semester admission process, come to the office. We will brief you details. Unfortunately, it is a long process and we appreciate your patience. The complete process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Bring the ‘nomination paper’ given by the faculty of the social sciences to the office. We will check it and if found OK then follow the processes.

Step 2: Go to the Sonali Bank, DU Branch. Deposit Taka 2000/- as ‘development fees’ to the account number ……and course fees Taka 800/- to this account …….

Step 3: Keep these two deposit slips with you. We collect these slips along with your ‘nomination paper’ from you and preserve it for our record.

Step 4: We do recommend you to wait a bit for your ‘pay-in slip’ and ‘SIF’ form to be ready and delivered to us from the Register Building Room No. 208.

Step 5: After receiving all those forms, we notify you an admission date on the department notice board. Stay in touch with us.

Step 6: The Department will appoint faculty to oversee the admission process and check your papers. You should bring all of your academic certificates and marksheets to the admission committee.

Step 7: You fill up the pay-in slip, get it signed by the Chair and the respective hall provost. Then go to the Janata Bank, DU Branch, at TSC and deposit Taka 5800/-. Collect the slip and keep it for your record.

Step 8: Submit ‘department copy’ of the pay-in slip to the department office along with 6 copies passport size photograph, photocopy of SSC & HSC certificate, marksheet, and admit card, income certificate of your parents. PLEASE ATTEST INCOME CERTIFICATE by the Chairman of your UNION/Ward Commissioner. Oh God! The admission process is over.

4. What to bring during first year enrollment?

6 copies passport size photograph, photocopy of SSC & HSC certificate, marksheet, and admit card, income certificate of your parents. PLEASE ATTEST INCOME CERTIFICATE by the Chairman of your UNION/Ward Commissioner.

5. When will the class start?

As per the Faculty academic calendar/guideline, we will notify a class start date on our notice board. Check our website for update.

6. What do I need to register for first year first semester exam?

We will provide you an ‘Entry Form.’ You will fill it up carefully and affix two stamp size photos and deposit Taka 325/- to the Janata Bank, DU Branch. We will collect the department copy of the deposit slip for our record. PLEASE COLLECT YOUR ADMIT CARD FROM THE OFFICE ONE OR TWO DAYS BEFORE THE START DATE OF YORU FINAL EXAM.

7. I need consultation for exam registration process, what to do?

Welcome! Come to the office. Our staffs will offer you advice and fix the problems.

8. I failed in one paper, now I want to sit for the exam again. What is the process?

Sorry about it! You have to sit for the ‘Improvement Exam’ with your immediate next batch. The registration process remains the same. Just be careful about the registration deadline of the next batch.

9. I drop my semester now I want readmission. What should I do?

If you drop from any semester for unforeseen circumstances, you can apply for re-admission. You have to consult with us to have brief on details. Alternatively, you can download the re- admission form the DU website submit it to the department. Then the department will put up your re-admission file for further process.

10. I could not manage to sit for mid-term exam last semester with my regular batch, now I want to retake. What is the process?

Ok, you can apply for a mid-term retake. But you need to state your problem and explain your good reason along with the submission of convincing proof. The department has a ‘Mid-term Retake Consideration Committee.’ Your chance for mid-term retake depends on the strength of your causes and suggestion made by the committee. However, this is a complicated process and we strongly discourage you to miss any mid-term exam.

11. I failed to attend final exam last semester with my regular batch, now I want readmission. What is the process?

If you fail to attend any final exam of your semester for unforeseen circumstance, you need to apply for re-admission with the subsequent batch. download the re-admission form here. Just fill up the form according to the instruction and attach 1) photocopy of the receipt of the previous admission 2) photocopy of the admit card of the admission test 3) supporting documents that substantiate your inability to attend the exam i.e. medical certificate from registered doctors etc. After receiving your re-admission papers, the office will initiate all departmental process and time to time update you about the progress. Generally, the Department AC committee will discuss the issue and will decide whether you would be allowed for re-admission.

12. I got poor grade in one paper. I want to sit for an improvement exam. What should I do?

If you think you did not perform up to the mark and are unhappy with your existing grade (<3, or <B¯) on a paper, you can apply for “Improvement Exam.” You have to register for the exam with the subsequent batch. To initiate your exam registration, you need to fill up a separate ‘Entry Form’ called IMPROVEMENT Form and affix photocopy of your existing marksheet. Do not forget to write IMPROVEMENT on the top of the ‘Entry Form.’ You also get to pay Taka 325/- exam fees + 400/- per course fees, to Janata Bank, DU Branch.

13. Due to illness, I missed one class test. What should I do now?

You are advised to consult your course teacher about the class test. Just follow the process he/she suggests. You might have to show strong proof which substantiates your inability to attend the exam due to your sickness i.e medical certificate in those cases. However, students often cheat and make unacceptable excuses. Nobody likes cheaters. We strongly advise you to be sincere about academic affairs.

14. I was sick and could not attend the classes? Do teachers consider my attendance request?

You are advised to discuss this issue with the course teacher. He is free to decide on this case. He/she might make an assessment of the situation and could consider your appeal. Please inform your teacher early on through a written application so that he/she can have a record and make her decision. Often teachers find an alternative way for you but only in extra-ordinary circumstances. But do keep in mind that you need to have a minimum of attendance percentage to sit for the exam. Otherwise you have to pay a fine incurred for your very low attendance record.

15. I need to consult help over personal problem. Whom to talk?

You are very welcome to the student advising office! Your student advisers might help you solve those problems. Come by appointment and they will emphatically listen to you.

16. What is the borrowing policy of books/journals from the seminar?

We generally do not issue books/journals outside the seminar room. Neither we allow students to take books/journals/periodicals outside. This is punishable as per the seminar policy. Any students violating these rules might be denied access to the seminar in future. These are departmental resources and we need to ensure that students have ready access to those resources. However, in some cases students can apply to the Chair through the Seminar Assistant for borrowing books/journals. If the Chair permits then, you can take out those resources for certain time period. You have to submit a valid ID and record you details on the borrowing log book.

17. I need attestation of some academic documents/passport application? How can I get it?

Generally, student advisers attest your documents. Bring original certificate/marksheet along with the photocopy which you want to be attested. They might ask you the reason for attestation. If they are not available, then other teachers might attest your papers. However, FACULTY MEMBERS DO NOT ATTEST YOUR PARENTS’ INCOME CERTIFICATE. Union Chairman/Ward Commissioner would be an appropriate person for it.

18. I have been declared DIS-COLLEGIATE. What DU rules say about it?

Generally, DU rules do not permit a DIS-COLLEGIATE student to sit for the final exam. You have to take re-admission only if you have at least 30% of attendance.

19. I have been declared NON-COLLEGIATE. Can I sit for the exam?

A non-collegiate (attendance 60%-74%) would be allowed to sit for the Final Exam on payment of Taka 1000/- incurred to the Janata Bank, DU Branch.

20. What can I bring to the exam hall?

Pen, pencil and admit card. As per Controller Office rules, carrying and using electronic devices such as mobile phone/tab is illegal. Teachers proctoring the exam might expel you from the exam hall if found carrying those items.

21. I need some academic writing help. What are the facilities in the department?

Consult our seminar page on the PACS website. You will find some ready resources and useful websites with lots of training materials. Currently, we are planning to hold a day-long workshop on academic writing. Your class teacher also might help you about it. For some petty grammatical errors you can read a good grammar book. But the most important thing is to read your text carefully and dig down styles of the authors. By the course of time, you will find your own style of academic writing. Just be mindful about the writing etiquette.

22. What is the photocopy policy of the department?

If you need any photocopy of books/journals, please talk to Shilpi at the seminar. She might help you. We encourage you to respect the copyright of the authors. Often you will find compendium of some courses at the seminar which you can buy at a reasonable price.

23. Is undergraduate thesis writing compulsory?

Yes. It is mandatory for all students at the undergraduate level. You will find details about it in your program syllabus.

24. What should be the area of research problem for my undergraduate thesis?

Your research problem must be related to the scope of the department. Students generally pick up research problem form the literature they study at the undergraduate level.

25. Is there any prescribed thesis guideline in the department?

Yes. We prescribe you how to write a research proposal. Please find detail about it on student resource page.

26. I want to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports? What is the facilities do we have in the department?

Peace through sports! We encourage you to participate in sports and all kinds of extra-curricular activities. We do have both a cricket and a football team comprising of our current students from different semesters. We participate in inter-departmental competition as per the DU sports calendar. The department allocates a small amount to organize those events. The simple thing you have is to show up in the field and prove your sport talent. Stay in touch with student adviser Mohammad Shaheeenur Alam.

27. I really like outing to escape monotony over my text. Are there any such facilities?

Yes, annually preferably during the spring semester (Jan-Feb), we do organize academic excursion from the department. Sometimes, we sail to the sea and go for hiking in the hill tracts and sometimes visit to the mangrove. You will be touched by fresh splash of life and the peace of the unspoiled blessings of the nature. Each student contributes token money to offset the excursion cost – accommodation, food and transport. A committee will fix the amount and organize the event. See the sunrise on the shore and a take a sip of coffee, you will enjoy inner peace!

28. Is there any platform for debate to shun my oratory skills and arguments?

Yes! We have a debate platform called the Peace Family Debating Club. Students attached to the club occasionally organize debate on cutting-edge issue relevant to our concerns. We do appreciate this kind of enthusiasm and do encourage you to take part in those events.

29. What is the semester grading policy of the department?

You are advised to collect the Semester guideline to know details on these issues. You can purchase it from Dhaka University Publication at TSC.

30. I am not happy with my grade on a paper. It is below my expectation. How can I communicate my grievance?

The first thing is to sit with course teacher and discuss this issue frankly with him/her. You can explain your situation to him. He might suggest you course of actions. Otherwise, there are prescribed rules for communicating grievances. You will find those rules in the semester guideline booklet. Sometimes, this issue can be resolved in a respectable way. We encourage you to talk to student advisers and the Chair before you move for seeking grievance.

31. Do you provide professional masters for interested students outside of the department/university?

No. We started our PACS program with masters. But as we started offering undergraduate program, we closed that masters program. Now only our regular students can take admission into the running masters program. We might consider this in future. But we did not decide it yet. It depends on support and facilities we have in the department.

32. Do you have any professional certificate program in the department?

No, we do not have any such program. We want to expand peace education and engage broad stakeholders. But for now, we put this option for future agenda. Such decision will count on the demand and sustainability of the program.

33. What is the admission process of international students into the department?

We do not have any separate admission process for international students. We encourage you to consult Dhaka University admission website ( and direct your email to their address.

34. I am an international student. What is the accreditation process of my degrees and certificate?

We do not provide accreditation services. If you are interested to study the program we suggest you to consult Dhaka university admission website ( and direct your queries to the email address. The University has accreditation board to determine the standard of your degrees and certificates. You will know more about it in their website.