Oxfam Dialogue Series

As part of our commitment to transfer knowledge we periodically host dialogues over contemporary peace research issues. Dialogue is an excellent platform to engage a broad academic and professional community and learn through their different perspectives over a particular topic of interest.

In continuation of this effort, we recently have hosted four series of dialogue under a common title “Peace, Security and Democracy.” The OXFAM Dialogue Series was funded and supported by the Oxfam Bangladesh and the European Union. The Dialogues started on January 18, 2014.

The aim of the dialogues was to provide a platform where academics, policymakers, journalist, lawyers, representatives of civil society and young generation could join forces to openly discuss about the current challenges of human rights and democratic governance in Bangladesh and their theoretical and historical roots.

list_check First Dialogue : Human Rights Violation of Religious Minorities before and after the National Election
list_check Second Dialogue : Political Violence in Bangladesh
list_check Third Dialogue : Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Plain
Land: Challenges and Opportunities
list_check Fourth Dialogue : Civil Society, Democracy and Protection of Human Rights in Bangladesh”