Program Structure

The 4 years integrated PACS undergraduate program is divided into 8 semesters. Each semester consists of 19 weeks class. The entirety of the program includes teaching of 32 course units (per unit 4 credits; half unit 2 credits) for a total of 3200 marks which are transformed into 128 earned credit hours. Below is an outline of the course structure offered at the undergraduate level.

Course Structure Outline

Semester Total Courses Total Marks Per Unit CreditsEarned Credits
First Semester4400416
Second Semester4400416
Third Semester 4400416
Fourth Semester4400416
Fifth Semester 4400416
Sixth Semester4400416
Seventh Semester4400416

Eight Semester
Field Research/
Internship/Project Paper
Comprehensive 5022
Viva voce 5022
Total 32 courses 3200128

** The department can offer taught courses in lieu of field research/internship/project paper.