Course Coordinator

The PACS program at DU is practicing a policy of assigning Course Coordinator in each Fall and Spring Semester. The motivation is to run the courses in harmony with other program and keep pace with semester calendar. Course Coordinator is responsible for the conduct of Mid-Term Exam and overall coordinator of the semester.

  1. Course Coordinator maintains harmony within the courses offered in the semester and coordinate among the course instructors of that particular semester.
  2. He/she consults course teachers of the respective semester and coordinate the semester progress.
  3. He/She conducts Mid-Term Exam, schedule exam routine in accordance with the faculty semester calendar. He/she will fix the Mid-Term question setters, notify students about the Mid-term exam schedule and will be responsible for the overall management of the exam.
  4. Course Coordinator will be responsible for distributing exam proctoring duty.
  5. The course coordinator at her discretion can bring whatever change relevant for the overall coordination of the semester program. However, he/she will consult respective course instructors before using her discretion and keep them informed about the change/progress.
  6. In case of any dispute or grievances over/class test/mid-term retake request between the student and the particular course teacher; he/she can take over the issue and use his/her discretion to amicably resolve it.
  7. The course coordinator will report to the Chair of the department and, in consultation with him/her, will coordinate overall administration of that particular semester.
Batch Semester Course Coordinator
9th Batch 2nd Semester F. M. Tunvir Shahriar
8th Batch 4th Semester Mohammad Shaheenur Alam
7th Batch 6thSemester Maria Hussain
6th Batch 8th Semester Fahima Durrat
5th Batch 2nd Semester (MSS)Dr. Zahid ul Arefin Choudhury