M. Phil Program

M.Phil in Peace and Conflict Studies is an advanced research degree which provides students’ opportunity to critically engage over a topical issue in the field of peace studies. Students dig down the existing literature and identify an interesting research gap/research problem and systematically pursue academic research under the supervision of a designated faculty of the Department. The degree is awarded upon contribution made to the literature. In addition to the peace studies graduate, our previous M.Phil students were drawn from versatile academic background such as political science, history, international relations, psychology and sociology. Our M.Phil students come from academia, military, public services, police services and professionals in development sectors and NGOs etc. For more about admission and eligibility, please consult DU website (University of Dhaka). We have no separate M.Phil admission process

Eligibility Requirement

  • 4 years (Hons) +1 year masters in relevant field
  • 3 years (Hons) +1 year masters in relevant field or
  • 2 years (Hons) +2 years masters in relevant field + 1 year teaching experience/research experience/1 publication in accredited academic journals