Co-curricular activities

Peace through sports! We encourage you to participate in sports and all kinds of extra-curricular activities. We do have both a cricket and a football team comprising of our current students from different semesters. We participate in inter-departmental competition as per the DU sports calendar. The department allocates a small amount of money to organize those events. Stay in touch with our student adviser, Mohammad Shaheeenur Alam to get update on these activities.

PACS co-curricular activities

  • Annual Study Tour

Every year preferably during the spring semester (Jan-Feb), we do organize academic excursion from the department. Sometimes, we sail to the sea and go for hiking in the hill tracts and sometimes visit in the mangrove. You will be touched by fresh splash of life and the peace of the unspoiled blessings of the nature. Each student contributes token money to offset the excursion cost – accommodation, food and transport. A committee will fix the amount and organize the event. Please log on to our notice board to get update about this year study tour.

  • Peace Family Debating Club

We have a debate platform called the ‘Peace Family Debating Club.’ Students attached to the club occasionally organize debate on cutting-edge issues relevant to our concerns. We appreciate this kind of enthusiasm and do encourage you to take part in those events.

  • Saraswati Puja

Every year, Saraswati Puja is celebrated at the University of Dhaka.The puja is arranged by the students from different departments and institutes at Jagannath Hall playground. Like other departments, the students of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies also celebrate this puja devoutly. The students of this department arrange the puja and prepare pandal and idol based on metaphoric theme and ideas. The celebration also includes offering of Devi Aradhona, puspoanjoli, archanas, anjolis, aratis, distribution of prashad and cultural functions.

  • Inter-Batch Cricket Tornament

Inter-Batch Cricket Tournament is another co-curricular activity of the department. Each year, the tournament is organized by the students of a specific batch of the department.