Pacs Seminar Use Policy

The purpose of the seminar policy is to provide a comfortable study place for the students and to ensure equal access to the resources available in the seminar. The policy paper suggests a number of “Dos and Don’ts” about the use of the seminar and encourage students to comply with those suggestions. Students cannot use this facility for profit seeking activity like tutoring or any promotions.

1. Only students currently enrolled in the department can use the seminar to study course reference books and related journals/periodicals.

2. Each day two ‘group session’ comprising not more than four students will be allotted ‘group space’ on first-come-first-served basis. Such space will be available by prior reservation request. Reservation will be held for 15 minutes on the scheduled day, in case of not showing up, will be made available to others in queue.

3. Student(s) who use the seminar will be held responsible for the conduct and conditions of the seminar facilities/resources.

4. Students found sleeping and or eating inside the seminar room will be asked to leave.

5. The seminar room is not soundproof. Student(s) who are loud, noisy and disturbing will be asked to leave the seminar.

6. Food items (except covered water bottles/drinks) are not allowed inside the seminar.

7. Keep your space tidy and through away the trash before you vacate the seminar room

8. Do not lock the seminar from outside and do not bring in furniture –chair, table – from outside into the seminar room.

9. Do not write on the table or furniture. Use your notepad.

10. Do not leave personal belongings – phone, bags and laptops – unattended. The seminar assistant is not responsible for unattended items.

11. Students are not permitted to write on the books and journals. Students found doing it will be held responsible for appropriate compensation of the damage of seminar resources.

12. Seminar room cannot be used for classes, lectures, group presentation or any academic seminar.

13. Do not install any software in seminar desktops without prior notice to Seminar Assistant. Shilpi Rani Das will make sure those computers are usable.

14. ‘FACEBOOK’ on seminar computers is not permitted.

15. Photocopying/printing is available on payment. Register your photocopying requests to seminar logbook with details.

16. Students are not permitted to use take book/journals from the seminar. In exceptional cases, such request can be entertained with prior permission from the Chair of the department. Student(s) will have to apply to the Chair through Seminar Assistant for such outstanding request.

17. To ensure fair share of the use of the desktops for internet browsing, please register your name with appropriate student ID and book a time slot for you. Please conclude your session on time and pass on the opportunity to others.

18. The seminar room must be vacated before 15 minutes of the closing time.

19. The Seminar Assistant will monitor and coordinate seminar facilities and resources.

** The ‘Seminar Policy’ current as of spring 2015 and is subject to change at the discretion of the seminar administration.