PACS Faculty

PACS faculty consists of a rich variety of interdisciplinary scholars and teachers with expertise in political science, public administration, human rights, conflict management and peace education. A number of our faculty received advanced hands-on training in peace and conflict issues, negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, human rights and humanitarian law, gender and development studies from universities in Scandinavia, Australia, Europe and America. This regional diversity of knowledge together comprises a vibrant pacs community at Dhaka University.

Faculties teach peace studies and conduct research on peace and conflict issues and currently engaged in a number of collaborative projects. The pacs program transfers first-hand skills in dealing with conflicts and offers consultation to relevant actors. The foundational vision “PEACE IS POSSIBLE” remains our source of inspiration and faculty, students and staffs together we all believe that education for peace can bring a concerted change in our daily experiences. We owe to those scholars, teachers and students we had been part of our journey and contributed to the thriving of this discipline in Bangladesh.